Current Research

Problem Description
In the environment of plant development; light, carbon dioxide, water and nutrient are needed. We plan of our research is to study how these factors are important and effective to plant development. This research will develop a prototype of plant development from some experiments, including all the factors of plant growing.
- How to develop an algorithm of plant development (Stochastic L-systems and Parametric Functional Symbols, etc.)
- How to simulate and visualize plant development with their environment factors, including reproductive state (flower and fruit) and underground parts (root) by implementing in virtual reality form.

Curriculum Vitae

Master Thesis Slide
Plant gallery created by "PlantVR" software
Plant animation gallery created by "PlantVR" software
Plant Shoot/Root animation gallery 1
Plant Shoot/Root animation gallery 2
Plant Shoot/Root animation gallery 3
My Publications

Its animation

We are now developing for root part and studying about the environmental factors that effect to plant growing.

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